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Search firms located in over 30 countries.

DesignShare is honored to be the global address for information and research on educational facilities and their impact on the learning process. 2 Search options:

    Interactive World Map of all firms

    Architects, Planners, & Engineers Directory

    The map and directory enable passionate design and educational professionals to seek each other out while developing great learning communities around the world. These firms represent the leaders in best practices and design innovation.

    Explore our Membership pages for our “Partners in Education” program or Contact DesignShare at if interested in listing your firm or learning more about ways for your firm to join the DesignShare community.


“We are bombarded with information of questionable value; however, information provided by DesignShare’s website is very high quality - its right on the money.”
- Fred Goebel, VP Science and Technology Group, HOK

“Partners in Education”:

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Fielding Nair International: Architects and Change Agents for Creative Learning Communities

VS America, Inc.: Ergonomic educational and office furniture.
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A Tribute to Dr. Jeff Lackney

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(Please note that DesignShare does not own the rights to most of the images on our web site. If you want to use an image in your own work, you must contact the architectural design firm directly in order to get permission.)

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