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Video of Randall Fielding Speaking at CUSP Conference

The 2010 conference may have been sponsored by Herman Miller, but at CUSP the design of everything, not just great furniture is explored. Once again, this conference hosted professionals and presenters from all walks of life—designers, marketers, social entrepreneurs, and a hip hop artist who translated Darwin’s “Origin of Species” into the poetic art form of gangster rap. People from all over the country came to absorb these unique insights for inspiration and the inside track on what’s coming next. It’s this convergence of diverse perspectives that makes CUSP so beneficial to those who attend. Here are some quotes from attendees:

“Cusp provides an oasis for igniting new perspectives and creativity in thinking about one’s company, business or life. I came away from my two-day experience asking new questions, discovering fresh and practical ideas, and identifying new possibilities for growth. I would highly recommend Cusp for anyone committed to innovation and learning from some of the best minds in the world.”

Laura Zimmerman, Managing Director, Head of Marketing & Product, Legg Mason & Co., Stamford, CT

“Cusp is a valuable resource for ideas and stimulation. It’s a great mind walk.”

Steve Frykholm, Vice President Creative Director, Herman Miller, Zeeland, MI

“Cusp was a treasure hunt into the world of thinking differently. Now I understand why some of the comments on your site sound like the person has just come from a really good self-help seminar. Everyone who spoke had something to say that resonated with me. Here’s why I believe a venue like Cusp can be useful to Pace or any other governmental agency: Cusp provides a safe space to explore possibilities. It takes people out of the everyday. There’s an energy that goes with exploring new ideas, and at times there was a palpable feeling that went with a shift in my thinking.”
Odette Samuelson, Manager, Organization Development, Pace Suburban Bus Service, Arlington Heights, IL

Randall Fielding’s mission is to empower people of all ages to take charge of their own learning by providing them with light-filled, richly varied environments that unleash the passion for learning. One of his ’signatures’ is his ability to share ideas with political leaders, educators, and children with equal passion. The interactive planning and design process pioneered by FNI is also grounded in a seminal book that Randy co-authored with partner Prakash Nair entitled The Language of School Design, which establishes key learning modalities and design patterns for success in the creative age. Randy uses these research-based design patterns as a launching point for developing customized solutions for individual communities, campuses, schools or districts that FNI works with. At CUSP, Randy used his ipad to draw some design patterns live, to demonstrate one of the techniques he uses as a change agent for education.

To see a video of his presentation, please click here:

February 24th, 2011

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