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History of School Architecture in Iran

by Samaneh Irvani

In recent decades, school complex designs based upon deeper understandings clearly show that creative organization influences educational environments in both training and learning. Moreover, a school designed with education-based ideas broadens children’s experiences. In fact, a better environment develops a better education.
Therefore, school design and education systems should be developed parallel to one another. This simultaneous process has never happened in Iran. This research investigates the relationship between the educational system of schools (planning) and school design in the history of Iranian schools. This research also compares the patterns of old schools and the prevalent patterns of school design currently in Iran. The study investigates the cultural changes of education and its influence on the design and form of schools. This research covers the history of Iranian culture, from the pre-Islamic to Islamic era, the classic (Safavids) era and finally the contemporary period.

Download History of School Architecture in Iran (PDF)

February 2nd, 2010

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