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Dear Readers,
DesignShare has always strived to teach and challenge all of us in the learning environment community. As the new media coordinator and editor of the e-newsletter, I plan to interact with you, the readers and learn about your interests and projects. Any ideas and input are welcome, so do share them with me through the email address below.

The newsletter this month is all about the future. We feature conferences, a book, and a video about the 21st century and the learning spaces of tomorrow. I hope you find something to inspire you in your own future work.

Catherine Roberts-Martin, Editor

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The Future is Now: Randall Fielding at the 87th CEFPI Annual World Conference

He says, "The future of learning in this technology-enhanced age of School 2.0 is the same everywhere--it involves a student-centric rather than teacher-centric pedagogy, and the future is now. The workshop will introduce global best practices in teaching and learning, and then connect them to real-world case studies, floor plans, and curriculum maps. Attendees will come away with an understanding of the essential role of curriculum mapping in an integrated design and change management process."

CEFPI details here

Bob Pearlman takes a wolk through innovative school buildings designed for collaborative learning.

21st Century Skills: Rethinking How Students Learn

A new book explores the changes in pedagogy, assessment, use of technology, and learning environments needed to support learners in the 21st Century. It includes a chapter by Fielding Nair International Senior Consultant Bob Pearlman on Designing New Learning Environments to Support 21st Century Skills. Pearlman's chapter profiles five exemplar secondary schools in the US and the UK that have transformed classrooms into learning studios and learning plazas that support students at work. It's available for download below:

Designing New Learning Environments to Support 21st Century Skills


Colorado Schools, Energy Savings and Improved Learning

Douglas County is improving local schools with natural lighting. See how the design of these new buildings creates an atmosphere that encourages learning, saves energy and improves the community. This video is by Douglas County Television.


The CUSP Conference, September 22-23, 2010

Cusp is a conference that brings together thinkers, innovators, performers, skeptics, believers, visionaries and explorers from the arts, sciences, technology, business and design to explore the future and what it will look like. Creativity is why the Cusp Conference exists. It’s about broad thinking. It’s about getting people out of the world they know and immersing them in a flood of ideas that ultimately help break down barriers and connect unknown dots. And it's about finding ideas and relevance in unexpected places.

This year, CUSP will take place at the Museum of Contemporary Art Theater in Chicago, and will include a presentation by Randall Fielding entitled "Design for the Creative Age."

CUSP details here


November Annual Conference - Nice, France

Walther Hetzer, Senior Education Advisor, Fielding Nair International and Founding Director, St. Gilgen International School, Austria will present BUILT PEDAGOGY - THE ABILITY OF SPACE TO DEFINE HOW ONE TEACHES AND LEARNS.

A stimulus session for teachers, administrators and board members to evaluate their own school facilities or facility development plans in view of 21st C design trends for creating safe, complex and stimulus rich learning spaces. Different learning modalities, the need for agile and dynamic use of space, the curriculum as driver for campus design, trends to create multi-faceted small learning communities within schools as well as the increasing integration of schools into real and virtual wider networks will be discussed.

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