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Letter from the Editor

Dear DesignSharers,

This was a busy year for school design as a whole with government promises of the biggest investments in education in the country’s history. With dollar signs in their eyes, architects are scoping out opportunities to revamp the idea of what a school is, and how the design should reflect this. (See the Rolex Learning Center and New York Times articles in this month’s issue.)

As 2009 comes to a close, we’re proud to look back on the accomplishments and changes at DesignShare as well. Numerous case studies were added to our continually growing databank, with many more on the way in the coming year. Dozens of architecture firms joined our online directory. If you’re not there yet, please submit your firm’s information for 2010! DesignShare founder Randy Fielding has traveled the world – most recently Doha, Qatar – spreading his passion for bettering our educational settings. The second edition of Language of School Design was released in the last quarter. Here’s to a successful close of a decade!

Clare Friedrich, Editor

> On Tap

Randall Fielding Speaks at World Innovation Summit for Education, Doha, Qatar
The natural fit between Information Technology and Education, the relevance of sustainable design for schools, and the necessity of keeping up with technology were discussed at the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) this month. School architects and change agents for education, Fielding Nair International’s chairman Randall Fielding stressed the necessity for schools to have sustainable design. Read entire article...

Edutopia Video: Media Smarts: Kids Learn How to Navigate the Multimedia World
Teachers are discovering the value of imparting media-literacy skills, from critical analysis of news programs, commercials, and films to basic design and video-production techniques. Read more here, and view the video here.

Case Study: A Bird, A Plane... A School?!
EPFL Rolex Learning Center, Lausanne, Switzerland by SANAA Architects
“The EPFL Rolex Learning Center is a center for exchange and exploration of ideas for everyone. It functions as a catalyst for the breeding of new relationships both within the academic realm and with society.” Read more... Or check out this blog.

> Newsflash

Cool for School: Architects design for education, and get an A+
Sam Lubell, New York Times, Design and Living Winter 2009
“Nowadays, unconventional architects continue to brave bureaucracy and parental scrutiny in the name of innovation... Still, the question remains: do highfalutin designers really make better learning spaces?” Read the article in full.

> DesignShare’s Bookshelf

Book cover
“Escuelas de Calidad – La educacion activa” = (Quality schools – Active education)
by Jacobo Schneider
Part one of this two-part book refers to the educational experiences of the author, from primary school to university, with various anecdotes on the nature of education in the past at primary, secondary and tertiary levels. Of the two chapters that follow, the first is dedicated to the Educational and Cultural Spaces programme of the International Union of Architects (UIA), while the other focuses on the International Forum of Educational Architecture.
Part two refers to active education, how education is seen today and the methodologies used to provide it. Finally, Appendix I of the book sets out a programme for the requirements of a primary school, with an adjacent nursery school, while Appendix II contains a programme for a postgraduate degree in educational architecture prepared for an Argentinian university.
To obtain a copy of Escuelas de Calidad – La educacion activa, contact:
Editorial Parabola, E-mail:
Also available in French.

> Event Calendar

Safer Schools, Safer Communities: Ensuring Safe and Secure Learning Environments for Children and Young People (UK)
January 13-15, 2010
Co-organised by OECD/CELE, Department for Children, Schools and Families, the Home Office and the Building Research Establishment, it will bring together international experts in the fields of education, psychology, social work, law enforcement and judicial reform; students, teachers and the youth workforce; decision makers; and researchers.
Contact: or go to

Coalition for Adequate School Housing (C.A.S.H.) 31st Annual Conference (Sacramento, CA)
February 22-25, 2010
The C.A.S.H Annual Conference is the highlight of our organization. This unique gathering allows our attendees representing school districts, private business, and state agencies a great opportunity for professional growth and structured learning. Our organization is unique in its breadth, and our mission of building the finest school facilities for California’s future leaders is the strong focus of the Annual Conference. Our goal is to provide the setting, focus the content, coordinate the best presenters, and acknowledge the accomplishments of our best teams. For more information, please contact Lisa Church at

2010 School Building Expo (Navy Pier, Chicago, IL)
May 10-13, 2010
Deadline for Submission: November 18th, 2010
Click here to submit

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