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DesignShare Educational Facility Planning News 
February 1, 2006

DesignShare & School Construction News
Design Awards 2006: Call for Entries

DesignShare SCN Awards 2006Challenging world standards with more effective models

The Awards Program is the world’s most widely recognized program of its kind. Now in its seventh year, the Awards Program has built an online Project Library of more than 350 innovative projects from 25 countries. Indexed by all major search engines, the Project Library is an invaluable resource for architects, planners, and educators -- anyone concerned with improving school design and enhancing education.

Design PatternsNew for 2006: Design Patterns Cross-reference and annotate your project using over 25 Design Patterns. The DesignShare & SCN Awards Program is, literally, redefining the vocabulary for schools and school building design globally.

DesignShare is committed to fostering good ideas globally, regardless of economic status. Our special inclusion and eligibility policy makes the program accessible to all applicants, including those from developing nations, foundations, and very small entities.

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In this Issue

Learning, Lighting and ColorLearning, Lighting and Color
Lighting Design for Schools and Universities in the 21st Century
by Randall Fielding, AIA
In this cutting-edge piece that has already won global recognition, architect Randall Fielding dispels many commonly held myths about lighting. Don’t design your next school without understanding the nature of lighting – and its proper application to the learning setting.
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Designing and Operating Successful Community Learning Centers
by Dr. Wayne Jennings
Community Learning CentersThe concept of schools as community centers has been a hot topic for more than 100 years. In 1902, John Dewey described a vital relationship between the civic, business, university and residential community in The School and Society and the Child and the Curriculum. What distinguishes Wayne Jennings’ article from the scores of articles published on the subject is that it goes beyond the theory, and tells us how to plan, budget, staff, design, and maintain community learning centers.
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Small is BigSmall is Big
The way space is organized can give school a powerful sense of community.
by Nair and Fielding
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Educational Commissioning
Educational CommissioningEducating Educators to Optimize their School Facility for Teaching and Learning
by Jeff Lackney PhD AIA
Providing all occupants with the necessary knowledge to use the school facility as optimally as possible for teaching and learning
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Fielding Nair Interview @ Edutopia
Fielding Nair Interview @ Edutopia School construction is a $30 billion industry annually and offers opportunities to rethink school facilities, partnerships, technology, and instruction.
Listen to Interview

Events Calendar

School as a Lecture Book of Physics: Open international student competition.
Submission deadline: 25 February 2006.

The School of Tomorrow: Learning Environment, Pedagogy, and Architecture.
April 24-25, 2006.
Helsinki, Finland.

The Language of School Design
by Prakash Nair and Randall FieldingThe Language of School Design

Purchase now - Search inside the book

The Language of School Design is a seminal work because it defines a new graphic vocabulary that synthesizes learning research with best practice in school planning and design. But it is more than a book about ideas. It is also a practical tool and a must-have resource for all school stakeholders involved in planning, designing and constructing new and renovated schools and evaluating the educational adequacy of existing school facilities.

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