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DesignShare Educational Facility Planning News 
February 2005

Awards 2005 Call for Entries
Design Awards 2005DesignShare and School Construction News are proud to sponsor the sixth annual Awards Program for Innovative Learning Environments. This is the world’s most widely recognized program and has produced over 300 innovative school designs from 20 countries. The DesignShare & SCN Awards program is, literally, redefining the vocabulary for schools and school building design globally.
Click here for more information and registration instructions:

In this Issue

1. Awards 2005 Call for Entries
2. Barcelona World Forum
3. MATCH School
4. Fresh Perspectives by Prakash Nair
5. Product Showcase
6. Conversations on Educational Architecture
7. Become a Sponsor
8. Sponsors:
- C/S Group
- Fielding/Nair International

Barcelona World ForumBarcelona World Forum
The DesignShare World Forum in Barcelona from June 23rd to June 25th 2005 will examine many emerging ideas that will shape the future of global education and the architecture that gives it expression. Set in the beautiful city of Barcelona, Spain, the Forum expects participants from the U.S., Canada, UK, Netherlands, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, Germany, Austria, Italy, France and many other countries. Space is limited so reserve now for this special opportunity to work hands-on with the world’s leading experts on school planning and design. . .and bring the family!
More Information at:

MATCH School
MATCHThe Media and Technology Charter High School (known as MATCH) in Boston, MA had the highest overall pass rate of any comparable Boston high school: 89 percent of the class of 2005 passed both the English and math MCAS. That's not only 37 points higher than the Boston district average; it's 14 points better than the statewide average. The story of the MATCH school is that much more remarkable because it is located In a unique setting in a renovated, former auto dealership.
Read more about the MATCH School.

Fresh Perspectives
Prakash Nair: The Great Learning Street Debateby Prakash Nair
Always the provocateur, Prakash Nair challenges us to consider definitions and assumptions in his latest column, The Great Learning Street Debate. Read Nair’s column to understand why the debate matters.
Read "The Great Learning Street Debate"

New! DesignShare Product Showcase
ShowcaseWith the view to bringing information about important new products to the forefront, DesignShare has recently launched its Product Showcase. The first product to be featured is a next-generation temporary classroom which is designed from the ground up to be a superior learning environment.
View Showcase.

Conversations on Educational Architecture
Peter JamiesonRandy FieldingEffective school facilities represent a "living dialog" between educators and architects. By extension, poorly designed schools exist because architects and educators failed to have a conversation to create something that supported each other’s highest aspirations. In this series of letters between University of Queensland educator Peter Jamieson and architect Randy Fielding, we begin to understand the fundamental questions that need to be asked and answered by both architects and educators in the development of learning environments that work at many levels.
Click Here for Fielding/Jamieson Conversations.

Become a Sponsor
If you want to get word out to the school planning and design community, there is no better venue to do that than DesignShare, the # 1 address worldwide for school facilities. Today, DesignShare gets more than 640,000 hits and 60,000 visits each month. Traffic and membership continue to grow. For sponsorship opportunities, please contact Randall Fielding:

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The C/S Group
C/S Group Construction Specialties, Inc. (C/S GROUP) is committed to design innovation and the improvement of educational environments. C/S manufactures impact-resistant wall covering and wall protection products, entrance-flooring systems, expansion joint covers and daylight management products for schools. With more than 70 registered patents, C/S is skilled in listening to architects and developing innovative new products to meet their projects’ specific requirements. A complete Design Manual is available at (888) 621-3344. You may also download product drawings directly from the C/S Web site at:

Fielding Nair International
Randy Fielding Prakash Nair
FNI Principals Randall Fielding and Prakash Nair are among the world's leading school planning and design consultants. They have completed $10 billion worth of school work, won nine international awards including the prestigious CEFPI MacConnell Award in 2003, and consulted in 19 states and 13 countries on five continents. Complete listings of the firm's latest projects, publications, clients and services offered are available at their web site at

Randall Fielding, AIA, founder and editorial director

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