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October 2004
DesignShare and SCN Proudly Announce
The 2004 School Design Award Winners

DesignShare SCN Awards 2004Honor Awards

Tajimi Junior High School
Atelier Zo with Atelier Shura

High Tech Middle School
Carrier Johnson

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Awards 2004 Commentary
Susan Wolffby Susan Wolff, Ed. D.

In this Issue

1. 2004 Awards Announced
2. The L Shaped Classroom
3. Open Space – A Dynamic Model
4. Fresh Perspectives – A New Column by Prakash Nair
5.2005 Awards Call for Entries
6. International Review Team
7. Message from the Editor
8. Sponsors:
- C/S Group
- Fielding/Nair International

Peter LippmanThe L-Shaped Classroom: A Pattern for Promoting Learning
by Peter C. Lippman
The notion of the L-Shaped Classroom as a design pattern is grounded in concepts from educational and developmental theories.  It is a learning environment that is flexible, variable, and integrated.  In addition, the design supports the diverse modalities in which people acquire knowledge.
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Open Space – A Dynamic Model for Group Learning
by Dr. Jeffery Lackney, AIA

Jeff LackneyOpen Space workshops go to extremes - there are no lectures or powerpoints, no shoulds, ands or yes, buts.... Open Space provides   w i d e   o p e n   s p a c  e   for intense explorations of the most innovative globally emergent concepts.
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Fresh Perspectives -- A New Monthly Column
by Prakash Nair
Fresh Perspectives is a provocative new column that looks at old issues with new eyes. Each piece will be presented with opportunities for the DesignShare community to respond with their own thoughts.
This month, Fresh Perspectives looks at the fusion of Eastern and Western philosophies, and planning for the schools of tomorrow.
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Call for Entries, DesignShare & SCN 2005 Awards for Innovative Schools
DesignShare & School Construction News are sponsoring the Sixth Annual Awards Program for Innovative Learning Environments. The purpose of the program is to share exemplary design ideas, case studies, and best practices that enhance learning. Last year's program included 70 entries from 11 countries. Today, the DS & SCN Awards Program is the world’s most widely recognized program of its kind. It has produced over 300 innovative school designs from 20 countries--all available online. The DS & SCN Awards program is, literally, redefining the vocabulary for schools and school building design globally.
Call for Entries

The Designshare & SCN International Review Team
Our 15-member review team, selected from eight countries, is arguably the most qualified group of professionals ever assembled for the purpose of reviewing and commenting on schools and school buildings. The high value placed on a DesignShare & SCN school planning and design award is largely a function of the regard in which these professionals are held by the global education community. Click here to learn more about the fascinating backgrounds of these eminent leaders.
Review Team

Peter Jamieson,
Review Team Member

“As a teacher, I appreciate the genuine attempt to tackle what I think is the biggest challenge for educational architects, and educators. That is, providing spaces that enable the users to inhabit them as they need and prefer to."


A Word from Randall Fielding – Big Changes in 2005!
DesignShare recently celebrated its 6th Anniversary. It's been an exciting journey to go from the grain of an idea to becoming the # 1 address worldwide for innovative schools. Today, DS gets over 500,000 hits and 40,000 unique visitors each month. Traffic and membership continue to grow but look for big changes in 2005.  

First, DS will be introducing a unique Architect’s Portfolio and Manufacturer’s Portfolio that exponentially increases the database of innovative designs and products you will find here. 

Second, we will be providing many more opportunities for our membership to collaborate as a true online community.

Third, we will combine these changes with a newer, more powerful search engine so that you can find all the information you need instantly.

And fourth, we will continue to showcase the best features, research articles and the latest innovations about school design.

Let me take this opportunity to thank our online community of members and contributors for six great years. The best is yet to come!

- Randy Fielding

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The C/S Group
C/S Group Construction Specialties, Inc. (C/S GROUP) is committed to design innovation and the improvement of educational environments. C/S manufactures impact-resistant wall covering and wall protection products, entrance-flooring systems, expansion joint covers and daylight management products for schools. With more than 70 registered patents, C/S is skilled in listening to architects and developing innovative new products to meet their projects’ specific requirements. A complete Design Manual is available at (888) 621-3344. You may also download product drawings directly from the C/S Web site at:

Fielding Nair International
Prakash Nair
FNI Principals Randall Fielding and Prakash Nair are among the world's leading school planning and design consultants. They have completed $10 billion worth of school work, won nine international awards including the prestigious CEFPI MacConnell Award in 2003, and consulted in 19 states and ten countries on four continents. Complete listings of the firm's latest projects, publications, clients and services offered are available at their web site at

Randall Fielding, AIA, founder and editorial director

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